Objectives and themes

Rodis. Journal of Medieval and Post-Medieval Archaeology is an archaeology journal which focuses, from a multidisciplinary perspective, on medieval and post-medieval archaeology in a very broad sense, both thematically and geographically. The aim is to disseminate previously-unpublished, original research contributions that provide new data or new methodologies that can help to improve research in this field.

Accordingly, the magazine accepts works devoted to specific locations as well as works of a more general nature, whether territorial or thematic.

Structure of the journal

The articles published in each issue are grouped into two main sections. The first, called the dossier, includes articles that refer to a particular theme, which may nevertheless be treated and studied in different ways, in accordance with the multidisciplinary nature of the magazine. The second section, called Varia, includes articles open to any subject within the broad field of study on medieval and post-medieval archaeology.


Rodis. Journal of Medieval and Post-Medieval Archaeology is published annually.